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A Black Butterfly’s Journey Towards ClaRRRity: Reveal Renew Reignite 
A BLACK BUTTERFLY’S JOURNEY TOWARDS CLAR.R.R.ITY: REVEAL RENEW Reignite! is a time of clearly realizing your God-given potential and purpose with the guidance of your soon to be, favorite therapist, coach, and sister-friend, Richale. A heartwarming conversation putting to rest old narratives in a way that honors your journey, thus promoting new thinking and new ways of being. As a result, “CLAR.R.R.ITY” that allows you to honor yourself, your family, community, and Creator are renewed.A BLACK BUTTERFLY’S JOURNEY TOWARDS CLAR.R.R.ITY IS THE C.E.O WOMAN IN FLIGHT! It’s you with higher awareness where you witness your very own transformation. You will discover your most powerful tool; your spirit-mind. You’ll learn how to wield its’ power from the inside out to usher in the “CLAR.R.R.ITY” required to fulfill your purpose. The journey towards fulfilling your purpose IS the experience of significance you desire. This will require that you understand foundational principles rooted in… Your “IAMNESS” The existence of “CLAR.R.R.ITY” without certainty The power of your spiritual heritage in your life and those you serve A focus on proactive spirit-mind management over reactive crisis management The psychological, physical, and spiritual consequences of neglecting the power of activating a Christ-centered mindset to promote self-mastery.

A Black Butterfly’s Journey Towards ClaRRRity: Rae Rae Versus The Anoroc Virus  
A Black Butterfly’s Journey Towards CLAR.R.R.ITY: Rae Rae Versus The Anoroc Virus. Rae Rae, a spirited 12-year-old African American girl, and her two sidekicks join forces to thwart the chaotic effects of the anoroc virus. Will they be able to restore order or will pandemonium reign during the lockdown? Join them in the quest to find out!

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